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In early 2009, I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel along with severe muscle and tissue damage in both hands and arms.  At the same time, I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia derived from constant stress.   The recommended resolution was to have surgery on both hands and take excessive medications to calm the Fibromyalgia.  The meds put me in a mental realm I refused to tolerate and surgery on my wrist would be the absolute last option.  There had to be a better way!  I had previous experience with acupuncture and knew it worked.  I needed an acupuncturist who had the experience to assist with the combination of issues I was dealing with.  I found her at Acumedicine-Health.

I have been working with Sheryl Hongsermeier since June 2009.   I have not had surgery on either hand.  The carpal tunnel is under control with regular treatments.  The Fibromyalgia is controlled and maintained without taking prescription medications.   A steady schedule of acupuncture assists in managing the stress and all other physical and emotional issues by keeping a balanced and flowing energy.   Sheryl is an effective, gentle, loving and compassionate healer.  I am grateful and appreciative to have an excellent and trustworthy acupuncturist, a true Doctor of Chinese Medicine, to successfully treat me with great accomplishment.



I was receiving treatment from Sheryl for muscle spasms and neck pain.  During the regular “how are the aches and pains” discussion that we have before each treatment, I mentioned that my shoulder had been hurting from playing tennis.

I have played tennis regularly for many years and when I played more often it tended to be more sore.  I had treated the pain with large doses of acetaminophen and even tried a “horse pill” version called Naproxen that gave me unpleasant side effects.  Sheryl recommended acupuncture as a way to release adhesions under my scapula that may have developed over the years and might be causing the discomfort.  It took 4 or 5 sessions, but the post-tennis shoulder soreness went away.

I have since played in “back-to-back” matches that would have made me very sore in the past without any discomfort.



I contacted Sheryl after two surgeries and in the process of chemotherapy. Side effects from the chemo were beginning to occur. I was warned that if this became advanced I would need to stop the chemotherapy.

Sheryl got me through this and I completed the course.  I have continued Acupuncture for nearly six years.  I no longer need the allergy medicine that I used daily.  I do not have constant sinus problems and head aches.



Sheryl is amazing.  I began seeing her about two years ago on the recommendation of my neighbor.  I was having trouble with insomnia.  She quickly identified my issues and not only did I start sleeping again, but she also helped me to become calmer and more focused generally.  I continue to see her on a regular basis.  Sheryl has had such a positive impact on my life and well-being.



Sheryl helped me by making my ankle stronger when it got twisted.  She also helped me go to sleep and not stay up.

M.K.O. (pediatric patient)


Six years ago I had a torn meniscus and I was in severe pain awaiting surgery.  Sheryl treated me for the pain two times a week for a few weeks.  I never had the surgery as my meniscus went back into place naturally and the pain was gone.  As a result, I was able to get back to my regular exercise routine and also focused on strengthing the muscles around my knee.  I feel great!

I continue to go for treatment once a month (for what I call my “tune-up”) which keeps my whole body in synch.  I look forward to each visit and I learn different things that I can do to continue my wellness (i.e. breathing and stretching techniques). Sheryl’s passion for helping people combined with her experience and accreditations make her truly exceptional in her field.  I have made acupuncture part of my proactive wellness program.



My son was born with a brain injury which was mild to moderate. His brain injury affects every aspect of his life, including digestive issues (reflux), ability to handle sensory input from his environment, his ability to speak (at 3.5, he has the speech ability of a 1.5 year old), balance, walking, chronic pain issues, and ability to eat food. When we met Sheryl, my son was entirely dependent on his feeding tube and hadn’t taken anything by mouth for almost a year (he would gag or vomit if we tried to feed him orally). Our pediatrician had suggested acupuncture as a way to help address his pain and his GERD (severe reflux). We did some research and finally stumbled upon Sheryl, who takes insurance and works with children. She did a long intake phone call with us, and then talked a little more with us in person to understand my son’s needs.


She was very thorough, approachable, and interested in his needs and his story. She makes sessions for little ones shorter according to what they can handle and uses a number of modalities in addition to needles. She worked so gently with him and was respectful and understanding of his anxiety around healthcare providers (he has seen so many), She met him where he was and proceeded very carefully. After his first session, he asked me for food! This was remarkable, because it had been so long since he had shown any interest at all in feeding. It may not sound like much, but he went home and ate nearly a whole jar’s worth of baby food.

As we have continued to work together, Sheryl has addressed many different concerns; among them have been digestion, calmness, ability to handle sensory input, speech, and even help recovering from viruses and other infections. My son is usually pretty tense because his brain doesn’t help him to relax, but after his sessions with her, he is curious, interested in the world, and his body feels soft and moveable — his resting tension goes away for a few hours and the next few days he is happier, easier-going, and can learn more. His chronic pain gets in the way of learning and the natural curiosity of a child, so this helps us so much.

Acupuncture is the only of many appointments that he looks forward to and even asks for if it has been a while. He strides into her office ready to begin and is so excited and happy. He asks for needles and vibration at certain points and really loves Sheryl.

In addition to caring for my son, Sheryl also treats me and my husband to help us to manage the strain and stress of caring for a child with so many extra needs. The relief and calm I feel is unbelievable, and acupuncture has also spurred me to make lifestyle changes that have increased my health and wellness. My responses to stressful situations are generally better and my marriage has even improved because of the care I have gotten.

I am not certain that I can even properly express what a blessing it has been to be in the care of such a compassionate, competent, out-of-the-box thinker as Sheryl. Her presence in our lives has been life-changing. It may seem like I am exaggerating but I truly cannot be thankful enough. Every aspect of my and my son’s life has improved. The wonderful thing about Sheryl is that she really meets you where you are, truly, and addresses your needs with care and respect.


Sheryl Hongsermeier has helped improve my health without any medication. Highly recommend her professional services for everyone. Acumedicine is definitely for me.


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