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Pokey sticks helped our little boy!

This is a testimonial from the mother of one of my pediatric patients. Our 18 month old son developed chronic diarrhea. We think it started when his brother got a stomach bug. One child recovered, but the other one did not. We kept hoping that the diarrhea would stop and finally, two months into it we contacted our doctor. Per her recommendation, we needed to cut out dairy products. She also suggested we see a pediatric gastroenterologist. It took a while to get an appointment with the GI, so in the interim, we started taking our son to Sheryl. We told her all about his stomach issues. And we provided a list of what items we had cut out of his diet thus far. Sheryl then suggested we also take out gluten from his diet and give him a probiotic. Breaking the cycle. Our visits to Sheryl’s office were averaging about one-to-two per week. The change in his diet wasn’t working well on its own, but once we paired it with Sheryl’s magic hands and “pokey sticks” as my son called them, he started to improve. Sheryl explained that his GI-system was trying to normalize itself, but could not. It was as if it was stuck in this diarrhea pattern. What’s next? While we were seeing Sheryl, and still waiting for our appointment fwith the GI, we ran a battery of blood and stool tests. Everything came back negative. Once we were able to see the GI doctor she confirmed that there was little to do about his diarrhea because all tests were negative. Her recommendation was that we should put gluten back into his diet and monitor the situation. If he had a bad reaction to it (such as worse diarrhea than he already had), he would need to return in 4 weeks for a possible endoscopy, which required full sedation at a hospital. At this point, I said, “NO WAY!” That was our first, and last, visit to the GI. We fully relied on Sheryl to solve this mystery. The treatment and result. We saw Sheryl for about two months on a regular basis. Each session lasted about 30 minutes. Suddenly, our son’s stools started to form.

My husband and I were so excited about hard poop! Sheryl had said previously that once his body is back on track, he would be fine. She was right. Once he stopped having diarrhea, he was eating better, sleeping more soundly and was in a much happier mood.

He averages about 1 formed stool per day (compared to 3 or more huge liquid stools). And he is actually eating gluten products without any problems now. It was a great experience going to Sheryl for this ailment. She had a great rapport with my son and he often ran into one of the treatment rooms with immense excitement about our appointment with her.

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