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Can acupuncture help that “stressed-out” feeling?

The demands of modern life leave many people feeling stressed-out and anxious. It seems there is always more to do and less and less time to do it.

Often people come into my office and they are “humming.” They are totally overwhelmed with their busy lives. So much so, that it is amazing how many people will tell me that being in the “fight and flight” adrenalin mode is their normal way of life.

The Challenge. Some say they tried to meditate but find their brain is too “busy.” And yet, busy-brained people are just the people who need to meditate and get acupuncture! They just can’t seem to slow down – and in fact, they might not even WANT to slow down. Sometimes they don’t even know they are on a constant, never-ending treadmill run. But after awhile, their bodies just can’t take any more and they end up sick.

Chinese Medicine and Balance. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, too much stress tends to affect the balance of Qi in the body – and when the balance is affected, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, anxiety, depression, reflux, and many other stress-related conditions.

Solution. I recommend periodic acupuncture care to bring Qi into balance and keep it that way. This repeated treatment often helps replace feelings of stress or physiological manifestations of stress with a sense of well-being, something everyone desires. Patients have reported to me that after getting routine acupuncture treatments they don’t feel like they always have to be on guard and find that it is easier to listen to another person’s perspective!

The Results. It is interesting to see how different people feel from the time they walk into the office to when they walk out! They are much more calm and often, hopeful.

Acupuncture helps other ways too. Psychologists will often send their clients who suffer from depression and anxiety to me for acupuncture as an adjunct to therapy. Many people see how beneficial it is to them. Sometimes, these patients will even ask their doctors about decreasing medication dosages. And frequently I see people suffering with SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – get through the winter with the use of acupuncture. Children, especially those who are more hyperactive and anxious, also respond very well to Chinese Medicine modalities.

If you have questions, give me a call at (301) 742-1290 or email me at

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