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Deep Water Exercise

Like most folks, summer probably makes you think of swimming. And rightly so. It’s such good exercise. And swimming is great for post-op exercise. This is an article that I wrote last September when I took up deep water exercise, and since our subject this month centers around joint replacement, I thought I’d send it out again. Deep water exercise has been so helpful to me. If you need to increase your flexibility, maybe this article will inspire you!

I love to swim. Recently, I added deep water exercise to my workout routine. It was a great addition to my lap swimming regimen. Some reasons to do deep water exercise include pre and post op orthopedic surgery; people who are out of shape and want to get into shape; people who love being in water.

Athletic trainers have relied on deep water running and exercise for athletes recovering from injury.

Take a class. It is important to learn “proper form,” to get the most benefit from your workout. So it is helpful to meet with someone who has been doing deep water running for a while or you can take a deep water exercise class. It is a totally wonderful way to get a major workout without any weight-bearing impact on the joints. Instructors are coming up with all kinds of deep water exercise classes such as interval training, deep water running, deep water boot camp, and deep water aerobics, to name a few.

What’s involved with deep water exercise? You need a “jogger belt.” The belt includes an instructional DVD that reviews and demonstrates the proper way of movement so you get a great workout. When you do deep water running in a pool on your own and not with a class, they usually ask you bring your own equipment. I especially like to do cross country skiing, jumping jacks, running, and rowing (really works the “core”). Be sure to pace yourself at first because it is easy to over-do it. I am very buoyant and can actually do everything in the deep water but after experimenting with and without the belt, I think I get a better workout with the jogger belt.

Other equipment. You can also use accessories such as webbed gloves, jogging “shoes,” foam hand bells, and water noodles.

Where can I take these classes? The county pools offer deep water running and aerobic classes. Usually they keep a lane open most of the day for deep water exercise – if you want to do it on your own. It is especially fun to get a friend or two to meet you for a run. It makes pool exercise more social and fun! Adults can do deep water exercise when there is

“recreation swim” at the pool when minimal lap lanes are available (you can keep track of the kids in the pool AND get some exercise ). Have fun! And let me know how it works for you!

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